grow up please

  • you know today at rövmosseskolan was very weird i tell ya every body in my school " aww i have missed you so much" even though they were standing next to each other weird very weird.
    in my school the people there are childish very childish, i bet every body has blog or something; in my school they read your blog and they say that it is bad but stil reads it. then they go around talking about it all day.
    people i got to tell you something, you know at my school the people fight about best friend even though they are 14 years old and you know the guys at my school they are so hot...... as if, they start liking a girl  he askes the girl to be his girl friend she says yes then the boy thinks " if i get her that means i can get what ever girl i want" he plays her and starts to like another those are the guys we have at school; bastards.

    thanks for reading and

    welcome to my world;;;;;;

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